Atex winch drive and control

March 01, 2016

EMC scope of supply:

  • Two (2) starter 160 kW for under deck mounting dim.: 1800x1000x400mm
  • Two (2) Main motor disconnect 160 kW in EEX cabinet
  • Two (2) HPU motor disconnect 3 kW HPU in EEX cabinet
  • Two (2) Winch control panel HMI/E-stop/Pushbutt on in EEX cabinet
  • Two (2) Load cell summing box in EEX cabinet
  • Two (2) Brake release HPU box in EEX cabinet


Engineering of drive system cabinets.

Installati on, Supervision and commissioning

Electrical installati on is carried out turn key

All EMC delivered systems and equipment commissioned by EMC.

Download the
Atex winch

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