Two Track Tensioners

March 01, 2016

Drive system characteristics:


Speed, constant tension or constant torque control.
Fulfill cable layer notation requirements


Engineering of complete drive system and integration in completelay systems can be delivered. FME(C)A’s can be performed.

Installation, Supervision and commissioning

Electrical installation can carried out turn key or under supervision of an EMC supervisor. This Supervision will be carried out in close co-operation with the client’s or yard’s team of electrical engineers. All EMC delivered installations and equipment can be commissioned by EMC.

Loading and laying trials

EMC can present all systems to required class surveyors and assist in CAT-reports FMEA proving trials can be done by EMC and presented to FMEA surveyor.
Crew training and assistance during loading

EMC possible scope of supply:

  • Total electrical design, engineering, installati on, supervision and commissioning
  • Delivery of motors, spindle drives, drive panels and control cabins
  • Control cabins with
    • Lighting
    • communicati on systems
    • CCTV systems
    • Heating/ cooling ventilation
    • Comfortable control chair with customer Logo
  • Engineering and delivery of HPU’s for squeeze systems and a ccompanying manifolds
  • Wireless remote controls
  • (Off-shore DNV certified) container with all electrical and hydraulic equipment built in. Including heating ventilation lighting spares storage and workbench.
  • Product length and speed measuring system

Download the
2 Track Tensioner

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