Sampson Pipelay Conversion

September 26, 2011

Sampson to be converted into a crane and pipelay vessel

Europe Marine Control has been recently awarded a contract for the E-package and installation for the conversion of Sampson, which is managed by V Ships and Zafiro Marine, by Carval Investors, a leading investment manager. Sampson will be converted into a crane and pipelay vessel. Six new diesel generators (2,200kW each) will be installed in two independent engine rooms. New ship systems will be installed with more than 40 tonnes of piping. Two new thrusters will be installed.

A HiPAP system will also be installed and a new A&R winch room will be built and outfitted. Pipelaying equipment (tensioners, track supports, conveyors, pipe loader) will also be installed with hydraulic systems on the main deck. A new pipe lay tunnel (300 tonnes) and A-frame structure (276 tonnes) will be built and installed. A new stinger structure (390 tonnes) for laying offshore pipelines will be built. The existing ship systems will be modified to accommodate new equipment, propulsion and power generation. Two engine rooms, two switchboard rooms and two thruster rooms will be outfitted and HVAC system will be installed in new ship spaces. More than 150 km of cables will be installed in total. The superstructure will undergo considerable modification including gym, sauna and swimming pool.

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