Caroussel Drives

October 14, 2009


Easy Installation of:

  • Cage induction motors
  • Converter cabinets
  • Cables

Result in savings:

Less installation time

Quick commissioning

Reduction of sea trials


Distribution of electrical energy:

  • Safer than hydraulics
  • No risk of leakage
  • Highly efficient
  • Non polluting


Electrical drives provide:

  • Smooth control
  • Exact load balance
  • 150%(or 200%?) Start Torque.
  • Accurate torque and speed control
  • Easy transfer of data around vessel
  • Excellent process monitoring
  • Redundant systems


Service cost reduction:

  • Cage induction motors
  • Solid state drive systems
  • No valves
  • No flushing of hydraulic systems.
  • No filters to change/blocked.
  • No wearing parts
  • No leakage 

Parameter setting

Parameter settings in drive system:

  • Accurate control
  • Quick commissioning
  • Easy change over to other cable and pipe types
  • Easy adapting to changed conditions

Taylor made

All equipment is designed:

  • To fit in available spaces
  • For safe operation in offshore conditions
  • With logical operator consoles


More Info

Download the carousel drives.doc factsheet

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